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Adobe® LiveCycle® Modules

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Capture and process information

Create easy-to-use forms and data capture interfaces that connect to back-end systems. People can interact with these familiar interfaces using mobile, web, desktop and paper channels, increasing adoption rates and user satisfaction. Reduce total cost of ownership by streamlining processes.

LiveCycle Forms Standard/Forms Pro

Easily create, deploy, and manage user-friendly form templates, thereby improving operational efficiency and user experiences. Reduce development costs by using one template to render forms to paper, PDF, and high-fidelity paginated HTML5. LiveCycle Forms Pro ES4 extends forms to mobile devices with a browser while its Forms Manager application streamlines the process of updating, retiring, and managing thousands of forms. Support offline save, 2D barcodes, and digital signatures in PDF, and extend forms to mobile devices with a browser.

LiveCycle Reader® Extensions

Extend document- and form-based processes outside your organization to better collaborate with users while reducing processing costs and errors. Add digital signatures, integrate with web services, author and decode 2D barcoded forms using only Adobe Reader software. Users can easily interact with PDF forms and documents, while your organization improves security, archiving, and compliance.

LiveCycle Process Management

Increase organizational efficiency by automating and providing visibility into critical document- and form-related business processes. Build streamlined, end-to-end workflows accessible online or offline. Extend business processes to offline mobile workers with the Mobile Workspace app.

LiveCycle ECM Connectors

Extend your LiveCycle applications to connect with industry-leading ECM systems and streamline the data capture process. Automate and manage form- and document-driven business processes and content from your ECM system to accelerate transaction cycles, reduce document management costs, and meet compliance requirements.



Guard the integrity and privacy of sensitive information no matter where it travels. Improve your regulatory compliance posture and client satisfaction in a single step.

LiveCycle Rights Management

Help lower the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Dynamic policies let you protect critical information, improve your regulatory compliance posture, and extend the collaboration sphere for critical communications inside and outside the firewall and into the mobile realm. Persistent security ensures documents remain protected, whether users are online or offline. Protect and track the use of sensitive information by managing usage rights in PDF, Microsoft Office, and other documents

LiveCycle Digital Signatures

Integrate digitally signed and certified documents with your critical business processes. Create automated workflows with electronic signatures, allowing your organization to reduce paper-based processes and costs while improving compliance, trust, and user satisfaction.



Generate personalized, secure electronic and paper documents, improving engagement while reducing cost and improving compliance. LiveCycle ES4 streamlines and improves user correspondence from creation to archival for system generated, on-demand, or interactive communications.

LiveCycle Output

Dynamically generate personalized on-demand or batch documents for electronic or print delivery. Streamline the generation of dynamic electronic and print documents for on-demand or batch requirements in enterprise environments. Included is Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4, an intuitive graphic design tool that makes it easy to create and manage document templates without deep technical knowledge. Use LiveCycle Output to dynamically generate correspondence, confirmations, statements, shipping labels, and other personalized customer and business communications.

LiveCycle PDF Generator

Automate the server-side creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of Adobe PDF files in combination with critical business processes. A server-based solution that automates the creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of PDF documents. Convert a wide range of native and standard file formats to PDF. Support direct server-based PDF file printing, or convert PDF files to a wide variety of formats.

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